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Welcome to itonic, where opportunity meets innovation! We are dedicated to fostering a dynamic, inclusive workplace where talent thrives and ideas flourish. Join us in shaping the future of as we embark on exciting projects and drive meaningful impact. Explore our current openings below and take the first step towards a rewarding career with us.

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itonic Senior Advisor (all genders)

We at itonic are looking for a Senior Advisor (all genders) to strengthen our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What vision does itonic follow?
Our vision at itonic is to see a world where organisations effortlessly embody adaptability at their core. We strive to be the trusted partner for our clients’ excellence, providing unparalleled expertise, and ultimately contributing to their enduring success. Embracing the principles of continuous learning and improvement, we bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience, rooted in innovation, project management, product ownership, and product focus. Our approach combines agile practices with diverse methods to enable our customers to become adaptive or maintain adaptability, empowering them to reach their goals efficiently.
Can you tell me more about the company culture and what it's like to work here?
At itonic we practice the agile principles ourselves, delivering value to our customers is the highest priority. We are committed to exceeding expectations and ensuring a lasting impact on their success. 
Dedicated to excellence, we relentlessly pursue continuous improvement in every facet of our work, fostering a culture of innovation that empowers our team to learn and grow with all endeavors.
Continuous learning and adaption help us identify issues and correct the course as soon as new information becomes available. We embrace change as a catalyst for growth, regularly assessing our strategies and ensuring our services remain ahead of the curve. 
What technology or tools does the company use for remote collaboration, if applicable?
At itonic, we leverage a variety of tools to facilitate remote collaboration and communication. Our primary platforms include Microsoft Office 365 for document sharing and communication, Miro for visual collaboration and brainstorming, and Confluence for knowledge management and team collaboration. Additionally, we utilize other tools tailored to specific project needs and team preferences to ensure seamless collaboration across all aspects of our work.
Do itonic's employees work remotely, in-office or hybridly?
We operate on a hybrid model, embracing digitalisation across all levels of our operations. While remote work is encouraged and supported, we also take pride in our beautiful office located in the heart of Vienna's first district. Our office serves as a collaborative hub for co-creating, team meetings, workshops, and fostering connections, providing an inspiring environment for those who choose to work on-site.
How does the company foster team communication and collaboration, especially in a remote work setting?
We utilize various digital tools and platforms to facilitate ongoing communication, including regular video conferencing, instant messaging, and collaborative document sharing through platforms like Microsoft Teams. Additionally, we hold weekly stand-up meetings where team members can provide updates, discuss ongoing projects, and address any challenges they may be facing.While we embrace remote work, we also recognize the value of face-to-face interaction. Therefore, for certain discussions that require a deeper dive or a more personal touch, we make it a priority to hold in-person meetings at our office whenever possible. This allows us to foster stronger connections, facilitate more in-depth discussions, and maintain our company culture, even in a remote-friendly environment.
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