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We are innovative, we are experienced, we are committed, we are curious, we are structured, we are outspoken, we are flexible, we are solution-focused  – this is not what we think we are, that is what our customers say! We are enthusiastic about our Playing Fields and our services, but most importantly, we bring and share our experiences with our customers.  
But we are not just a team, we are also individual personalities with different backgrounds and paths. We enjoy learning, discussing, and co-creating.  Meet us, the team of itonic!

Our Services

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Organisational Design

We make sure your organisation becomes and stays fit for the needs and challenges of the future.

Product Focus and Product Ownership

We enable to organise for product operation. We support your product owners to master the challenges of their role.

Agile Project Management

We combine the virtues of agile practices and project management; best of both approaches to make your projects a success.

Continuous Product and Service Innovation

We enable you to meet the ever-changing user needs with innovation strategy, processes and continuous improvement of services and products.

itonic Masterclasses and Excellence Programmes

With our Masterclasses and Excellence Programmes we bring new perspectives to the participants to learn and challenge their views.

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The itonic Masterclasses

Mastery is one of the ingredients of motivation. In our Masterclasses we invite accomplished and well-known thought leaders to engage and share their knowledge with the Masterclass participants.

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Measurability and metrics - the search for the right measure

Measurability and metrics - the search for the right measure - how can we make innovation, product success and agility tangible? Explore the world of measurement and learn from practical experience - from our experts and by exchanging ideas with other participants. We will shed light on the topic of measurement and metrics from different perspectives so that you can take away new input for implementation in your day-to-day work. Are you ready?


Masterclass Archive: Rewilding Agile

In the past, we have hosted a two-day "Rewilding Agile" Masterclass with Dave Snowden who - together with the participants - explored ways of restoring a new balance, reflecting on new developments and tools which ermerged in the past years in the context of multi-methods, multi-tools ecosystems, as well as complexity-friendly approaches to agile transformations with the latest version of the Cynefin Framework Framework, Estuarine Mapping and Flexuous Curves.

Masterclass Archive: Mindful Product Leadership

During the two-day "Mindful Product Leadership" Masterclass held together with Geoff Watts the participants had a chance to address their personal biases as a product owner and learn how these biases influence their ability to be an effective product leader - to move from good to great.

Case Studies and Insights

We provide our services across a variety of industries like finance, public sector, IT, and utilities and there to different customers. Each comes with its ownflavours and challenges, nevertheless we regularly reflect on the experiencesand insights we gain. And we are excited to share them!

im kontext 2025 - AGILITY and PROJECTS
Experiences – Insights – Developments

We have proven in many projects that agility and project management are a dream team. Therefore, we are all the more excited to jointly host the upcoming "im kontext" project management congress in March 2025 in Innsbruck with GRC and WIFI Tirol. Together with 100 practitioners and experts, we will explore how agile methods and project management fit together to solve the challenges of an increasingly complex world. Learn more: https://www.imkontext.eu/

Agile Way of Working

Partnering with itonic, MAVOCO embarked on a collaborative journey to redefine its organizational framework and bring its new vision to life. Beyond crafting strategies, itonic played a pivotal role in fostering a culture of agility and innovation within MAVOCO. As a result, MAVOCO now confidently navigates its product roadmap, poised for continued growth and success.

A1 Telekom Austria
PO Excellence Programme

The role of the Product Owner has been established in various areas of A1 Telekom Austria. To effectively address the wide range of challenges, the "Product Owner Excellence Programme" was initiated. itonic has designed a custom-fit learning journey for this programme with tailored content. Key topics such as backlog management, prioritization and decision-making, as well as stakeholder management, form the core of the programme. This is complemented by discussions, experience exchange and practical exercises.

eww / ITandTEL
Agile Transformation

At ITandTEL, the philosophy and principles behind agile were introduced to every team member. Thereby a powerful grassroots movement took shape, with leaders committed to embody and exemplify agile values. itonic took ITandTel initially on a comprehensive agile exploration which was spearheaded by the Technology Team and guided them towards becoming an adaptive organization, establishing new roles like Service Owners on the way. And the journey still continues!

Global Rockstar
OKR Journey

itonic accompanies Global Rockstar on its OKR journey. Starting from establishing strategic objectives and aiming for progress and a sense of accomplishment, the team of Global Rockstar made OKRs part of their routine. By defining OKRs, Global Rockstar created a laser-sharp focus for its efforts, identfied areas of improvement and continuously strives for success.

WU Executive Academy
Adding the perspective of Agility

For several years, itonic had the pleasure of sharing its knowledge and experience in Agile Concepts and Agile Leadership at the WU Executive Academy. The modules are integrated into the MBA programme Strategic Project Management, adding a perspective of agility to the established principles and practices of project management.

Innovation Metrics
The Current State of Innovation Metrics

In our recent survey with insights from more than 50 practitioners a clear picture emerged: Organisations are yet to leverage the benefits of innovation measurement! Currently, none of the participants is completely satisfied with their innovation metrics. While only 20% have long-term data regarding their innovation initiatives nearly a third state, that they do not measure yet at all. We are happy to share the full report with you upon request.

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Excellence Programme

There is the concept of Shu-Ha-Ri when learning new skills and walking the way to excellence.
We start with getting familiar with the concepts, methods, and tools (Shu).
After a while we become more confident and adapt them as needed (Ha).
Step by step we gain experience, combine it, and create something new (Ri).

Elevate Your Skills

The Product Owner Excellence Programme covers basic and advanced principles, practices and methods a product owner should know and master.

Personalized Development

With our Excellence Programme for Product Owners we have created a learning journey tailored to the context of the company and the participants.

Coaching & Guidance

During the sessions we share our experiences and knowledge. We also cover individual and group coaching as an add-on during or after the learning journey.

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I always thought that the problems and challenges I encounter are very specific but due to the exchange with the other Product Owner I know: 'I am not alone'

John Smith
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The team of itonic always responded to our specific questions and situation. The experiences shared were very helpful.

John Smith 2
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