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There is the concept of Shu-Ha-Ri when learning new skills and walking the way to excellence.  
We start with getting familiar with the concepts, methods, and tools (Shu).
After a while we become more confident and adapt them as needed (Ha).
Step by step we gain experience, combine them, and create something new (Ri).

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Elevate Your Skills

The Product Owner Excellence Programme covers basic and advanced principles, practices, and methods that help product owners to excel in their role.

Personalized Development

With our Excellence Programme for Product Owners we have created a learning journey tailored to the context of the company and its participants.

Coaching & Guidance

During the sessions we share our experiences and knowledge. We also cover individual and group coaching as a supplement during or after the learning journey.

Excellence Programme Summary

The role of the product owner is a challenging one.
A product owner has to cover a wide range of competencies and skill. She or he has to be a very good communicator. In many companies a product owner has to cover a spectrum from a strategic customer and market-oriented point of view to feature- and delivery-oriented skills.
With the Product Owner Excellence Programme we offer a wide range of modules which can cover all of these aspects.

Welcome to the itonic Product Owner Excellence Programme

What can you expect

When setting up the Product Owner Excellence Programme for a specific customer, we define the goals in advance and then select and combine the modules to fit the needs and specific context. We focus on interaction, learning through exsamples and exercises during the sessions. We also provide materials and workbooks after each session.  To enhance the learning experience and the interactiveness of the modules, they are held in-person. The Basics Module - Agile Concepts - can also be given as an online course.
Sharing and Networking is always an important part of the Product Owner Excellence Programme. We therefore foster the exchange between the participants.
While going through this learning journey, product owners often decide to setup a product owner community. The community supports continuous learning and growing beyond the Product Owner Excellence experience itself.
We can also support the community building and host first community sessions until it is up and running.

If you are interested in starting the Product Owner Excellence Programm in your company, we start by collecting the needs, understanding the environment and the definition of the product owner role. Together, we select the appropriate modules and discuss priorities. Afterwards, we put in place together the concept and offering.
And then, let’s take the next step towards Product Owner Excellence.

Basics and Basecamp Module

If needed we start with the Basic Module Agile Concepts to provide a common ground for all participants. The starting point for the Product Owner Excellence Programme itself is a Basecamp Module reflecting the product owner role and its responsibilities.

Product Owner Essentials

A variety of modules like Backlog Management, Discovery and Exploration, Decision making, Dependencies Management, Metrics and Stakeholder Management are usualy selected as essentials of the Product Owner Excellence Programme. 

Product Owner Advanced

The programme also offers topics that help product owners to think out of the box. These modules are Using OKRs, Dealing with Complexity and Cognitive Biases and their impact.

Customized topics

If you have any specific challenges, let us know. We also love to create new, customized modules to meet your needs. In case you are not a product owner yourself but want to support product owners, we can also cover this perspective!


Our trainers are accomplished and experecienced experts, who love to share their knowledge.

Ulrike Huber

Trainer - Product Owner Excellence Programme

Hannes Kieberger

Trainer - Product Owner Excellence Programme

Anna Kulagina

Trainer - Agile Concepts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the Product Owner Excellence Programme?
Obviously the  Product Owner Excellence Programme is designed for product owners, but it could  also support all other roles who work and support product owners, like Scrum  Master, project managers working in an agile environment and business  analysts. We also had a group of consultants supporting product owner’s at  their customers attending the Excellence Programme.
Is the Product Owner Excellence Programme apreparation training for Product Owner certifications?
No, the Product Owner Excellence Programme is notintended to serve as preparation for the standard Product Owner certfications in place. It builds on the specific Product Owner role in an organisation and the basics ofthe Scrum definitions of product owner, compares them and we discuss the differences.
What is the goal of the Basic Module “Agile Concepts”?
The Basic Module “Agile Concepts” gives an introductionand overview of various agile topics like Scrum, Lean Concepts, Agile @ Scale. It can be taken as a preparation of the other modules or as a “stand-alone” training.
Do you provide the Product Owner Excellence Programme only as company specific learning journey or also as open training?
So far we worked  with groups of product owner working for the same company but maybe in  totally different departments. We customize the approach depending of the goals and needs of the product owners in the context of a specific corporation. In future we would  be happy to provide the Product Owner Excellence Programme as open learning  journey or address the challenges of a specific customer segment e.g. public  sector. If you are interested,  please let us know!
Are there other itonic Excellence Programmes available?
The Product Owner Excellence Programme currently includes modules applicable for Scrum Masters and also for product & service innovation. For Scrum Masters we provide a learning journey and we are happy to provide a more extensive Excellence Programme for the area of product and service innovation upon request, too. If you are interested, please let us know.
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