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Continuous development with the itonic Masterclass

Step into a world of dynamic learning and innovation with our stimulating itonic Masterclasses! Agile masterminds, international experts, and thought leaders gather to challenge the status quo and envision the future. Are you in?

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The itonic Masterclass in a nutshell

Our masterclasses are not just events; they are epic journeys through the cutting edge of agility. Each masterclass explores an aspect of the latest trends and developments. Internationally renowned speakers will lead the charge, propelling you into a realm of transformative insights.  The itonic masterclasses are for experienced professionals, who want to continuously develop their proficiency in agile topics. With a two-day action-packed programme in the heart of Vienna we facilitate conversations that push boundaries and spark creativity.

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Our masterclasses

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Upcoming Masterclass

Stay tuned for our upcoming Masterclass. Details will be announced soon!

Masterclasses archive

Masterclass Archive: Rewilding Agile

In the past, we have hosted a two-day "Rewilding Agile" Masterclass with Dave Snowden who - together with the participants - explored ways of restoring a new balance, reflecting on new developments and tools which ermerged in the past years in the context of multi-methods, multi-tools ecosystems, as well as complexity-friendly approaches to agile transformations with the latest version of the Cynefin Framework Framework, Estuarine Mapping and Flexuous Curves.

Masterclass Archive: Mindful Product Leadership

During the two-day "Mindful Product Leadership" Masterclass held together with Geoff Watts the participants had a chance to address their personal biases as a product owner and learn how these biases influence their ability to be an effective product leader - to move from good to great.