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Let's design your tailor-made path to agility together!
We carry out the change process iteratively and develop a culture of continuous learning within your teams. We select from various agile methods and practices those that match your corporate culture and the current situation best:
Agile Assessment
Together with you we reflect on your product- and corporate objectives as well as your expectations of Agility. Hence, we identify your Levels of Ambition for the various Agility Dimensions. Next, an assessment helps us analyze where you are currently positioned on these dimensions. Based on this assessment we derive suitable steps and measures in order to initiate first interventions and improvements, or kick-start your agile transformation.
Our Competencies:
  • Agile Fluency Model
  • Business Agility Maturity Model
  • Agile Adoption and Improvement Model
  • Team/Squad Health Check Model
  • Tailor-made Assessment Models
Agile Coaching and Leadership
We support you in introducing and establishing agile values, principles, and practices in your organization. We accompany and coach your teams, individual roles (e.g. Product Owner) as well as your employees at the managerial level. The variety of our competencies and expertise spans from introducing Agile ways of working, to Agile Leadership and Agile Transformation of whole organizations. We have a broad knowledge of various methods and practices which we adapt to your organization's current needs.
Our Competencies:
  • Leadership Models (Management 3.0, Servant Leadership ...)
  • Scrum, KANBAN
  • Organizational Design
  • Systemic Coaching
  • Liberating Structures
  • Broad Knowledge of Methods
Business Agility
Business Agility aspects are as diverse as your organization itself. We support you and your teams in integrating the agile mindset and agile principles into the daily business. Aligning the whole organization to your customers' needs demands not only critical elaboration of the product portfolio but also a profound change of processes, communication, and last but not least, the organization itself. We shape the strategic topics for your transformation and its steps towards implementation together with you; based on the Domains of Business Agility by the Business Agility Institute.
Our Methods and Practices:
  • Leadership Models (Management 3.0, Servant Leadership ...)
  • Customer Centricity
  • Practices based on Sociocracy / Holacracy
  • Agile practices like KANBAN and Scrum
  • Lean-Agile Governance
Agile Product- and Portfolio Management
Product Owner and Product Teams represent the client and the stakeholders in Agile teams, making sure that their ideas and visions are realized - together with the implementation teams. We accompany and support your Product Owners and your Product Management in order to cover the diversity of competencies required. When developing complex products, it could be useful to apply principles and practices of Lean Portfolio Management; we are happy to support you in this context as well. Besides Coaching we do offer study formats for Product Owner, Product Teams and Lean Portfolio Management.
Our Competencies:
  • Product Visioning and Value Proposition Canvas
  • Product Roadmaps
  • Backlog Management and Prioritization
  • Agile Estimation Methods
  • Flight Levels and Lean Portfolio Management
Agile at Scale
Useful methods and practices for individual teams might not suffice for complex products and product portfolios with numerous Agile teams. In this case we utilize scaling approaches that offer various elements to address such challenges. Defining to what extent scaling is useful can only be addressed in your particular organizational context. Together with you we select suitable Agile scaling techniques and steps. For this endeavor we can choose from a vast variety of frameworks - as well as design individual approaches. Moreover, strategic planning approaches like Lean Portfolio Management complement our usage of scaling methods in vast and complex eco-systems.
Our Competencies:
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS)
  • Spotify Inspired Model
  • Nexus
  • Tailor-made Scaling Practices